With plans for the continuance of lockdown announced, working from home is most definitely our new ‘normal’.

While teaching staff are busy delivering lessons remotely/online, there are plenty of valuable tasks technicians, still able to work can complete at home - buying you time when students return to school.

Stay positive and get ahead

Timstar asked Chris Pambou, Chief Science Technician at City & Islington Sixth Form College, London for his top tips for Technicians…

“With school/college closures due to the COVID-19 virus there are jobs and activities that technician staff can do from home. This is an opportunity to catch-up with those tasks that you never get the chance to do during the normal working day that will support and enhance the teaching in science.”



Keep in daily touch with colleagues and other staff. This can be done using various online chat groups.
Review and update all Risk Assessments for technician activities.
Review practical requirements for delivering any proposed new courses, make lists of materials and equipment - ready to order.
Review and update required practical activities for your subject – there is lots of online information from the examining boards.
Familiarise yourself with using your schools stock control system.
Are you running any STEM clubs? Take the time to prepare worksheets and activities.
Are you using Arduino, BBC Micro:bit or other similar – this is an ideal time to try some programming.
Explore the CLEAPSS website for guidance, information and advice, such as ideas of activities that children can undertake while learning remotely or ideas of activities that will work with small groups of children who remain in school.
Visit the CLEAPSS YouTube channel or try knitting anatomical parts.
Review and complete PDRs online.
Research any appropriate courses/training that will enhance performance and productivity.


We're here to help

To support schools who have closed or will be operating with greatly reduced staff and pupil numbers due to the COVID-19 virus, we have maintained our customer service team remotely and have a skeleton staff in our warehouse to prepare and dispatch orders.

If you have recently placed an order for chemicals and other supplies from Timstar, please contact us to arrange a convenient date for delivery.

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