Setting up an Account


UK schools or colleges are granted credit accounts, if you have an account with us, just register and we will do the rest for you. New customers are very welcome to register, your account will be set up and you will be contacted to confirm security details.

Setting Up a Credit Account or Payment Methods

If you have registered as a Private Customer, you are not able to open a credit account and must pay by card.

If you are buying resources on behalf of a Local Authority backed school, charity or business, then it's likely that you can set-up your account on credit terms (30 days from date of invoice).

How to Open a Credit Account

Simply complete the registration process here.

After completing your details we'll send you an email confirming your *registration approval. If you have registered as a corporation or charity, you will then need to contact our Finance Department on +44 (0) 1270 444671. They will need to conduct a credit risk assessment on your establishment, so please have your Company Registration number or Charity number ready. A decision will be made immediately.In the mean time you're free to browse and store items in your basket while waiting for your account confirmation, but you won't be able to complete an order until your account has been activated, unless you pay by card.

Please be aware that account registration can take up to 24 hours before activation can be completed.